Southern California Clogging Association
Althea Mason - (209) 384-2469
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Insurance Contact person
Claudia Fayad (209) 538-1776
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Tuesday Evening

6:30 - 10:00

Hughson Community Center

2307 - 4th Street

Hughson, CA

Requests from Modesto people generated a new class in July 1992, taught by Althea and a partner. The club structure with officers and bylaws was prompted by the necessity to obtain group insurance through the Square Dance Association. One of our projects, before our first anniversary, was hosting a 2 hall, 2 day workshop. We knew this group was intense about clogging when the first graduates wrote and performed their very own dance number at their own graduation party!

We competed at the Grand National Rodeo in 1996 and took first place in the dance/entertainment competition. We donated the prize money to a local charity.

We performed at the State Fair for 6 years, as well as many local fairs and festivals since the club's beginning including: Hershey's Chocolate Festival (yum!), International Festival, and Columbia Gold Rush Days.

We have 5-6 members who have been with the club for 8-9 years, most have held offices, and have been the backbone of the club and the workshops.

Our graduates are honored with a party, have to recite the "clogging pledge", and along with their diplomas, get a bumper sticker and a pin.

We host 2 workshops a year, the NCCA Quarterly in January, and our Hot August Night Workshop for the 8th year.

We have our dance party/fun night the first Tuesday of the month and try to have the short business meeting on the second Tuesday.

We are looking forward to this year's third county fair and then the International Festival in October which leads off for the Holiday Season. We always dance two sessions at the Modesto Mall so we can show off our Holiday colors and dances.

We have a fun new event this year, dancing as the intro act to an old west reenactment group in Jamestown, CA for 2 Sundays a month. We have written a ton of new dances to old time western music and cowboy songs.

For "formal" show type events our outfit is a ruffled gingham skirt and white peasant blouse for the ladies and white shirt, black pants and red gingham tie for the gents. Our regular event outfit consists of club logo T shirts and solid color dance skirts.