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Moisture in a piccolo can and will cause problems in the instrument's playing characteristics.  If you own an alto flute, please use the link below to access my Flute Flag Swab page.

In the above pictures, the top one shows the Take-Down Piccolo Flag swabs assembled and in its two individual parts with white safety storage cap.  The bottom Piccolo Flag swabs are the fixed length of 14". Both versions now use carbon fiber composite handles for strength and rigidity. The take-down version allows the swabs to fit into a standard size piccolo case cover.

Piccolo Flag Swab Version
Shipping Fee (Fixed Amount)
California Sales Tax   7.75%   (Please Pay Only if you are a California Resident)
14" Fixed Length Piccolo Flag Swab
$30  each
14" Take-Down Piccolo Flag Swab
$50  each

    The Shipping Fee is a ONE TIME amount that applies the same for one swab ordered or for any number of swabs.
Prices are in U.S. Dollars. Shipping prices are for domestic U.S. retail shipping only. Shipping outside the U.S. can be done but the cost may vary.

Click here for Flute Flag Swabs and Alto Flute Handle Rod Extensions Information, Pictures, and Prices.

Please contact me if you wish to have a current accurate price for your order.   If you have a color or colors in mind, include that too.  The shipping fee needs to be added to the total along with the California Sales Tax if you live here.
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At this time I have only two methods of payment. Send me your check or submit your payment through the PayPal service where they can process credit card orders.  Just click on the PayPal logo to go to their web site.  Total up the fee from the above chart, don't forget the shipping fee, and then instruct PayPal how much money you wish to send.  Also in your order, please specify your color choice.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to    Roger Holman.         My snail mail address is
       Roger Holman   
      10106 Baffin Drive
      San Diego, CA.  92126-3592    USA



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